Video Transcription

I’m Duane Sauke and I’m running for re-election for the Minnesota district 25B, the northern third of Rochester. The reason I’m running is primarily because of the conflicts that have developed that are becoming very strident in terms of bipartisanship so we are not progressing on public policy as much as what would normally be expected.

Rather than talking about a solution that’s on one side or the other and very far to the edges, would be rather that everybody would be trying to find a middle space where we would get together and actually find solutions that both of us could live with and less one side or the other could live with. Those middle solutions are sometimes the wises solutions over a long period of time. And being a person who has had a little life experiences, I can say that there are times when I may have thought something very strongly, personally, but I came to realize by working in all of the spaces that I worked in, different community functions and that sort of a thing, that often times the best solution was somewhere in the middle. It shared the arguments and it shared the opportunities from both sides so we created a better solution in terms of a joint solution – the middle between the parties.

We have the opportunity in running for a campaign like this where we represent a particular area like Rochester, to also be able to enhance what are the positive aspects of this community and how can we, at state policy, make it better and make it work better for everybody that’s here. As a Representative of Rochester, we make sure that our voice is heard in terms of our opportunity to share in those state resources.

So there are many opportunities that are out there in terms of participating in this, and one of the most important ones is obviously to actually vote. So in all ways I would encourage people to make use of the 2 weeks or 3 weeks before the election to do early voting whether you do it in person or whether you vote by mail.

I’m Duane Sauke and I approve this message.