Minnesotans want and deserve civility in their public discourse – and that’s exactly what Duane will bring to the state legislature. Duane has built a career on respectful negotiations and will use those skills to find positive solutions for all of us.


Hi my name is Duane Sauke. With your help I look forward to serving as your representative to the Minnesota House District 25B, the northern part of Rochester.

The key positions of my campaign are to do everything possible to create civil discourse and legislative productivity, support public education, ensure equal opportunity for all people, support housing needs and relief for homelessness, and encourage policies for stewardship and use of the environment.

Minnesotans want and deserve civility in their public discourse. A primary shortcoming of today’s legislature is the exercise of absolute power and absolute thinking – decisions by a few for a narrow purpose. It is time to support leaders who will work for cooperation and seek collective wisdom to provide new pathways and new solutions.

I ask for your support that I might be one of those leaders and help create a climate where ideas and solutions are supported in an open dialogue to the benefit of all of us.

[Prepared and paid for by the Neighbors for Sauke Committee, Box 270 3936 E Frontage Rd, Hwy 52 N, Rochester, MN 55901]