Dysfunction in the Minnesota Legislature seems to worsen with each electoral cycle. The lack of trust and power sharing, as well as unwillingness to work toward the common good, has led to unacceptable gridlock.

We can change this by electing legislators who are open-minded, willing to form alliances with competing interests, and who seek to bridge differences and find common ground.

On the north side of Rochester, voters have a choice between newcomer Duane Sauke and Fran Bradley, who has a long track record as a legislator and political party stalwart. As a legislator, Fran was committed to advancing a narrow partisan agenda. His frequent columns in the Post Bulletin have been consistently rigid and uncompromising. He represents more of the same — an unwillingness to work together which has stalled the legislative process.

In contrast, Duane Sauke is new to politics. He has a long history as a community volunteer, board member, educator and businessman. I know him and believe him when he says that his goal is to return civility to the state legislature and to get things done.

This year’s election is truly historic. It is up to us to elect legislators who will rise above stale sound bites, focus on results and end legislative gridlock. Vote Sauke — he has made the commitment and has the temperament to achieve those goals.

Randy Stone

Originally published in the Post-Bulletin.