We are writing in support of Duane Sauke to represent District 25B in the Minnesota House.

Sauke is just the right person to represent Rochester in the House as he is a pragmatic individual with a wealth of broad life experiences, plus he is a political moderate.

First, he was a public school teacher having taught music for 17 years in Iowa and Minnesota. His dedication to the education of our children and grandchildren is indisputable.

Second, he also has experience in the world of business having been very successful in the realty business for 25 years and was recognized for his business acumen by being elected chairman of the board of directors of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce. Not many former teachers have held that position.

What we need in St. Paul is a moderate voice who can work with a diverse group of people with an open mind on finding solutions to the many problems we face in the state.

What we do not need is someone aligned with the extremes of the political spectrum.

Sauke fits the bill of a successful educator and business person who has the personal skills to reach across the aisle but also stand for principles that are in the best interest of the district he will represent.

Richard and Mary Hurt

Originally published in the Post-Bulletin.