Photo: Christopher Roberts

Minnesotans deserve civility in their public discourse.
Duane Sauke has built a career on respectful negotiations.

Now is the time to move forward by listening to each other and reaching out across potential divides to constructively address critical issues.

Duane Sauke is wary of candidates who trumpet “solutions” that are important to enact. This is code for immovable positions in the legislature. When it is said that this must be done, there is no listening or cooperation or discussion included in their point of view. It becomes a statement of win or lose. We must move away from this dualistic thinking.

Support Our Schools

Duane Sauke taught in public schools for 17 years and recognize the foundational role schools play in our society. Politicians must set aside their differences and work together to raise the bar for every student. Minnesota schools deserve adequate, consistent funding to achieve higher educational goals and meet classroom standards, crucial to the bright futures of our children.

Duane Sauke will work to expand access to quality early childhood education. He will invest in our schools to lower class sizes and give our children the attention they deserve. Duane Sauke wants to freeze tuition for Rochester students attending Minnesota colleges and universities. He wants to make it easier to refinance student loans.

Duane Sauke is endorsed by Education Minnesota.

Strengthen Our Economy

Local and regional businesses are the backbone of Southeast Minnesota’s strong and consistent growth. As Destination Medical Center (DMC) and Journey to Growth (J2G) advance, Duane Sauke will work to ensure current and future residents have ample business development opportunities, meaningful jobs, affordable housing, and livable wages.


Duane Sauke knows that local and regional businesses are the key to growing our economy. He supports plans to expand statewide high speed internet access and create incentives to reward companies that create jobs in our community. He wants to provide more vocational training and apprenticeships for young people in our community not headed to college.

Home Ownership

Duane Sauke will promote legislation that breaks down barriers to homeownership. He opposes policies that increase the cost of buying or selling a home. He will challenge proposals that weaken or eliminate the incentives of homeownership.

Duane Sauke is endorsed by the Minnesota Realtors Political Action Committee

Economic Security and Health Decisions for Women

Duane Sauke supports paid family leave and sick leave to help hardworking families. He wants to make child care more affordable for new moms and other working families in Rochester. He believes that women in Minnesota should earn equal pay for equal work.

Duane Sauke understands that women and their care providers are best equipped to make decisions about their health, not the government. His priority is to ensure that doctors and patients are educated and equipped to make the best medical decisions for each woman’s health, not coming up with burdensome legislation to get between health providers and women in need of care. Duane Sauke will fight for Rochester women who shouldn’t have to worry about restrictive government legislation when undergoing private medical procedures.

Promote Fiscal Responsibility

As a small business entrepreneur, Duane Sauke knows the importance of fiscal discipline, smart budgeting and the need to respect monthly cash flows while encouraging long-term investment. Duane Sauke has a proven track record of business leadership and expansion which translates directly to sustainable financial planning and sensible budgeting that will make the most of your tax dollars. He’ll push back on wasteful programs and demand accountability for state government spending.


Duane Sauke wants to lower the tax burden on working middle-class families.  He wants to end the practice of mandates passed down from the general fund to the local property tax.

Transportation and Gas Tax

Duane Sauke doesn’t want to see our roads, bridges and infrastructure go to waste. There’s no need to pay double for repair because Minnesota is waiting so long for maintenance. There is an unavoidable issue on paying for the repairs. He believes we must be realistic when working on funding for repair, maintenance and replacement.

Public Safety

Duane Sauke backs plans to support criminal background checks for all gun sales. He wants to keep weapons out of the hands of felons, domestic abusers and the mentally ill.

Duane Sauke wants to make sure law enforcement has the tools and technology they need to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Duane Sauke is endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

Advocate for Civil Rights

Advancement toward equality for all people—regardless of religious, political, sexual, cultural, or economic disposition—is a fundamental tenet of Duane Sauke’s personal and political beliefs. He will listen carefully to your concerns and advocate tirelessly for safer, happier lives for every Minnesotan.

Preserve Natural Resources

As a father and grandfather, Duane Sauke believes we have a moral obligation to preserve our state, nation and planet for future generations. He supports environmental policies that balance environmental preservation with economic growth to ensure that both our Earth and our economy thrive now and in the future.