Why Run?


Duane Vote

In today’s public dialogue, I am drawn to participate as a voice for civility, a voice of inclusion, and a voice of temperament. It seems evident now, that to support absoluteness of one’s views and goals, is to be bound to narrow mindedness and to be deaf to the voices of others. Frustration is expressed often in response to bullying and hatred in today’s social and civic environment.

It is common in many cultures and religions to hold that if something is true, it is true to all and will be seen as true by all. In my opinion, the tenets of democracy hold us to expect that the best path, the wise understanding, is only available when one has considered all points of view and accounted for many voices. Wisdom is from having lived many lives and endured challenge to know other paths in life.

I am honored by this opportunity and given life and purpose to serve as a legislator and representative. Through the campaign I will be visiting my neighbors to listen for what is important to the voters. Through this effort I hope to develop sound public statements that are shared by many. As we talk, we don’t abandon the lens we look through but rather open additional lenses into the public condition. I am seeking diversity of culture and thought in speaking and sharing ideas. We need help in forming this campaign for the neighbors in MN District 25B. Contact me to participate. Join us.